Why SEO Is Critical For Law Firms

With marketplace for attorneys being quite saturated, lawyers are always competing for new clients. And since 85% of all internet traffic originates from search engines, it is critical that law firms appear on page one of Google and other search engines. Failing to appear on the first page means that your website is not easily found and that you are leaving potential customers on the table. Therefore, the grand question is: How can you ensure that you get to the first page, especially at the top of search engine results where clients can easily find you? Here at HyperTraffic SEO, we have the solution for you. Keep on reading.

Search Patterns

First let’s get clear with an astonishing fact: 82% of legal clients search online prior to meeting with an attorney. As a result, it becomes our key responsibility to utilize our many years of experience to to transform your website to ensure that it appear on the first page of Google. We are search engine optimization experts who will start by helping to precisely define your site’s objectives. We then proceed to build and fine-tune your site with proven techniques. Frequently refreshed SEO strategies ensure your website stays ahead of the game and dominates the competition. Using sophisticated SEO methodologies, HyperTraffic SEO will ensure that your site reaches the right prospects at the most appropriate time and place – producing high-quality leads.

Increasing Your Site’s Visibility

Before taking on a law firm client for SEO, we spend time with you to examine your goals or objectives for generating leads to make sure that we fully understand the type of client that your firm seeks to represent and whether you want to go for SEO or Paid Advertising, or a mix of both. Then we do a comprehensive analysis of targeted keyword searches to determine the key words and phrases that your prospective clients are typing into the search engines when searching for attorneys in your practice area and location.

We would then proceed to tailor your website content to look more appealing to such clients, making sure that they land on you first instead of your competitors. Law firm SEO is about applying the right techniques to help your site be found easily by Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other popular search engines. Law firm marketing is intentionally designed to push the web pages of a law firm higher in the search engine rankings. And while using SEO alone is enough to make your legal practice’s site have greater visibility in popular search engines results, using excellent law firm website design can help to quickly convert those visitors into long lasting, healthy relationships with loyal clients.

Getting Your Site To Search Engines’ First Page

HyperTraffic SEO ensures that each of your web site’s pages are optimized  with regards to website coding, internal linking, address structure, and keyword relevancy using best practices that are proven to work. Our job is to groom the network links behind your site, and since search engines will judge sites by the company they keep, creating a structure of incoming links will make your website more visible and even trusted. This means that the more your site is trusted by Google and other popular search engines, the better it will rank. We highly regard SEO for law firms as an essential building block and you should also do the same in your marketing mix.

The world of business and advertising is dynamic – the effectiveness of newspapers, Yellow Pages, TV, radio and magazines in waning. The law firm market shifted online and is now shifting to the mobile devices and apps, and even social media. Regardless, the value of being ranked in the first position on Google and other major search engines is not only concrete, but also extremely valuable. This means that if your law practice website is missing on the first page of major the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, then it means having little hope of getting people who need your legal services to visit your site. You are also losing a lot of business to competitors because over 90% of traffic searches never bother to look beyond the first page. If it is missing in the first page, they simply enter a new search query.

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