How To Attract Traffic to Your Law Firm’s Website

It is important that you are found by people using the internet to search for law firms. However, once they have found your website, there is still work that needs to be done in terms of conversion. In other words, potential clients need to choose your firm ahead of the competition.

To make that happen, your website should have all the design elements that are best practices for law firm web marketing an fundamentally help to convince clients to choose you. The website should also avoid anything that would turn away potential clients. As such, here are a number of tips to help with the design of your website.

White Space Is Better Than Clutter

There are many websites which feel the need to fill every pixel with an image or text. This is a major turn off for visitors, as it is very distracting and confuses them. As such, make a serious decision about where to place every sentence or image, and pay attention to the overall layout and structure of the website. Colors are very important on a website, and they also need to be selected with care and attention.

When choosing photos to add to your website, ensure that they are professional and provide a feeling of trust and authority. Never simply use generic photos or images from the internet, as you will appear amateurish, and won’t be able to stand out from your competition. Take the time to have professional photos taken in your local city or town. This will give you an advantage over your competition.

If you are unsure about the best fonts to use for your law firm’s website, then find a design professional to advise you. Fonts are important as they can either compel people to keep reading, or repel readers.

Have A Unique Angle

While people searching for a law firm expect to see a professional image when they visit the website, they also want to know what makes your firm different from the others in the local area. It is this factor that will influence their decision. As such, have a unique angle that sets you apart and makes your company memorable.

Display Your Contact Information Prominently

Many websites make it difficult to locate their contact information, and this is a major mistake. Having your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) is especially critical for the mobile version of your firm’s website. Ensure that visitors can always find a way to contact you quickly and easily. This is, after all, the purpose of the website. It is a good idea to have your contact information displayed in the top right corner of the header.

Use A Call To Action

Always provide instructions to visitors on what they should do next. Make it easy, and make the next step simple. For example, tell them to use a contact form, use a live chat feature, or to call your offices.

Take Advice

Take advice from people who you trust, and who know your law firm well. They should be able to offer worthwhile advice. To learn more about design issues contact us at HyperTraffic SEO.