Why We Do Reputation Management

Our approach to online reputation management for business is not unlike a savvy candidate’s approach to winning the daily news cycle. Here’s why: In our 24/7, media- and Internet-driven environment, it’s not always about who you are and what you do—it’s about the stories, rumors and opinions (from both credible and dubious sources) that attract people’s attention.

Candidates have been dealing with this from the dawn of politics, and it’s a notoriously dirty game. There are whisper campaigns, unfounded accusations and low blows from the opposing camp. In that environment, it takes a team of experts working with you to rise above the fray and win.

Online Reputation ManagementBusinesses in the Internet age face similar challenges. Your site may portray exactly the image you want to succeed in your industry. But if you don’t watch out for your enemies—whether they’re business rivals, disgruntled employees or just dissatisfied customers with a lot of time on their hands—they can post negative or false information about your business that undermines all your hard work.

HyperTrafficSEO will monitor search results from all angles to ferret out negative publicity and combat it with our proprietary methods. If we can’t eliminate it altogether, we’ll bury it in positive stories, blogs, links and more to severely limit its impact and protect your good image.

Defining Your Own Image

For your business, online reputation management means establishing your site as the most authoritative source of information about you, and making sure search engines and consumers recognize it as such. That means keeping your name high on the list of results people get when they search keywords and phrases most relevant to your business. It also means combating negative publicity that, if left unchecked, may also show up high on the list of results people get when they conduct the same search. We can’t always erase every negative review or opinion, no matter how baseless it might be. We can, however, drastically limit its impact by drowning it out and burying it in the bowels search-engine results.

For better or worse, Internet users trust search engines to present them with the most authoritative and relevant information first. HyperTrafficSEO will make sure your site and other positive news about your business rise to the top of the list—ahead of your competitors and far ahead of bad reviews or publicity. That’s reputation management in a nutshell, and why it’s so important to your success.

Please call HyperTrafficSEO today to find out how we can help you in this critical area of today’s public relations and marketing environment.