How Do You Combat Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are everywhere on the Internet. They’re easy to post and hard to remove, and potential customers often give them credence without considering the source. You’ve probably even done it yourself: say you’re researching hotels for an upcoming vacation. If a handful of people who’ve stayed on at one had a bad experience and post their complaints on a popular travel site, you might take theirs as valuable words of warning—even if there are glowing reviews from other people who stayed at the same hotel. And a 2013 study by Nielson found that online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging. Advertising alone doesn’t cut it if your message is undercut by poor reviews on the Internet.

How To Handle Negative ReviewsThat’s why we’ve made negative review removal a key component of our Internet reputation management.

Here’s the thing with consumer reviews: People who post them tend to be motivated by either high satisfaction or extreme dissatisfaction, leaving a wide gap of people in between who are perfectly happy with your product or service but never write a single online review. That’s one way in which reviews can distort the reality of your business’ rate of overall customer satisfaction.

Another problem is that there are unscrupulous people who will post reviews for less-than-honest reasons. Disgruntled employees, business competitors, even people who disagree with your politics have free reign to air complaints all over the Internet, and the resulting damage can be devastating.

These factors make negative review removal an imperative in online reputation repair.

How We Can Help

Here’s the good news: HyperTrafficSEO’s success with bad review removal is ahead of the curve and based on proven, multifaceted strategies.

We’ll start by doing an in-depth analysis of problem reviews currently online. We’ll review all the places your potential customers are likely to look for information and identify problems that need to be addressed. The nature of bad reviews and where they’re posted will help determine how big a threat they pose as well as the best strategy to deal with them. Some can be combatted at the source, by posting a direct response to the bad review. Others are better dealt with as part of a larger campaign to drown out their impact with positive publicity, bringing all the weapons in our SEO and reputation management arsenal to bear in making sure that customers see a wealth of reputation-enhancing information long before they encounter the negative reviews…if they ever do.

So if you’re concerned about poor reviews impacting your long-term success and bottom line—and in today’s competitive online environment, who isn’t?—please contact us to find out how we can fight back through our proven negative review removal techniques.