What Is Reputation Management?

In the old days, a glossy ad campaign could be a game-changer—and the voice of a single dissatisfied customer, disgruntled employee or anyone with an axe to grind largely went unheard.

Today, the Internet has changed all of that—for better or for worse. It’s the great democratiser of information and opinions, making it easier and less expensive for you to spread positive information about your business. On the other hand, it’s also easier for your detractors to undermine your reputation. That’s where Internet reputation management comes in.

What Is Reputation ManagementMore and more companies are seeing the value of hiring a firm like HyperTrafficSEO with Internet reputation management experience to help them come out ahead of these challenges.

The Basics of Online Reputation Management

  1. Analysis. First, you need to know where your business reputation currently stands. Unchecked, negative publicity is easily found by the most casual browser. But once we identify problem spots, we can outwit them using our proven tools and strategies to bury the bad publicity with the good.
  2. Building on Your Good Name. We can help inoculate you against badmouthing by building upon your good reputation faster, more loudly and more prominently than your detractors can tear it down. Online reputation management empowers you to define your business before anyone else can do it for you.
  3. Maintenance. Search engine reputation management means we continue to analyse the status of your reputation online while constantly watching out for would-be threats.

Our Reputation Management Tools

  • HyperTrafficSEO goes beyond strategic keyword placement to help you develop an across-the-board online presence that enhances reputation management. A few of the tools we specialize in include:
  • Frequent updates. If your website remains stagnant, visitors are less likely to trust that the information presented is current and your business is ahead of the game. Blogging, updates about your business or industry, and customer tips—all presented with optimized keywords in place—keep your reputation alive and well on a daily basis.
  • Directory listings. We’ll keep your information present and current on as many relevant online directories as possible, increasing customer awareness and building valuable links.
  • Social networking. We’ll help you incentivize your customers to add you to their social network to spread the word to their friends. Then we use frequent postings to pique their interest—a more subtle form of online reputation management that can be fun and drives growth organically.