Five Ways SEO Is Handling Evolving Search Engines

Is SEO still relevant? This is a question on the tip of the tongues of entrepreneurs, website owners, web developers and SEO experts everywhere. What they have all noticed is undeniable the internet is changing, and SEO along with it.

SEO in 2014Google has taken a serious, heavy handed approach to dealing with developers attempts to exploit their ranking algorithms, a common trend among search engines. Websites are now penalized for bad content or design, or features which Google identifies as unscrupulous attempts at artificially increasing page rankings. The evolution in tactics used by developers has lead to a shift in the algorithms and ranking procedures used by search engines. What worked in the past may no longer work or in serious cases of overusing out modded SEO concepts could even hurt websites standing on search engines.

Fortunately, SEO experts have kept up with the times and kept a close watch on every pulse of these developments. New SEO strategies have incorporated clever, innovative new and old concepts into effective and successful SEO campaigns. These ideas include things like optimizing websites for various browsing platforms, building your brand, integrating into social media and effectively marketing your content. Let’s take a closer look at Five Ways SEO Is Handling Evolving Search Engines.

  1. SEO has a few tenants at the core of every success story. A successful site has a quantity of quality content, is frequently linked to and has useful outgoing links, and is integrated and recognized on social media platforms. While these are some hard tested, tried and true methods utilized by SEO experts the world over, the evolution in search engines has made these three elements and the relationship between them more important than ever. For effective SEO, your content must be focused, targeted at your demographic and, in so much as possible, geared to encourage actions by your users which generate profit. Quality content is the most organic method of attracting visitors and links to your site and making profits. Users the web over are happy to spread links to content they enjoy. Having other high quality websites linking to your content remains a pillar of SEO techniques, ensuring search engines of your websites integrity and validity. Social media presence allows you to connect with your existing audience and grow your business organically using effective social networking. Modern SEO techniques are being tailored around production of high quality content, making sure your site is something people really want to see.
  2. Content marketing is a newer concept, but one which has become ingrained and solidified itself into the modern SEO landscape. Content marketing allows businesses to connect with their potential and existing customers by providing them with content such as articles and videos which they want to consume. This allows businesses to effectively communicate with their customers while informing them of useful facts and advertising products and services. A brilliant form of SEO optimization, content marketing is a fantastic way to engage customers and drive sales while improving page ranks.
  3. Mobile browsing has become extremely important and cannot be ignored. The popularity of smartphones and other mobile browsing platforms has exploded in recent years. What used to be a niche for an underdeveloped browsing medium has become a rich, full-featured browsing experience utilized by millions of web users daily. Your site must be responsive, well-designed and able to look great and perform on a variety of devices and platforms. Google’s Hummingbird updates have recently thrown down the gauntlet for web developers and SEO experts by making it much more important to have mobile optimized websites for page rank.
  4. Modern search engine algorithms have reached incredible levels of sophistication. While previous they simply scanned for links, innovative web crawlers now are capable of recognizing and quantifying your overall brand, relevance and existing web presence. Building your brand and having an active internet presence (in terms of your brands own voice as well as having others talk about you) are increasingly important in the eyes of SEO experts, as well as a proven and time tested way of improving any business.
  5. The amount of information collected and provided by social media outlets has not gone unnoticed by search engine engineers. Social media marketing is an extreme important and effective strategy to increase brand recognition as well as optimize your search potential. Daily the importance of social media for SEO increases as businesses integrate their content and voice into a number of platforms. Google Plus is an especially relevant social media platform for anyone interested in SEO.

Modern search engines are seeking to improve the quality of content and overall user experience provided by their searches and results. Keeping this in mind will always yield good results in formulating your SEO strategy. Take the time to produce quality content, make sure your voice is heard by developing links to your site and utilizing social networks. These techniques allow you a focused, intuitive way to improve your website in all of its facets while attracting more users.