Optimize Your Website With These 4 Effective Tips

SERPsThe primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to improve your search engine rankings so that it reaches the top of Search Engine Results Pages (see image to the right). Contrary to what many businesses think, SEO is an ongoing process. It requires a lot of specialized training and continuous analysis and refinement.

Here at HyperTraffic SEO we understand that sometimes getting the basics of SEO can be difficult, so here in this post, we’ve created a 4-step basic strategy to implement and utilize Search Engine Optimization.

It’s All About The Analyzing!

Yep, I knew you wouldn’t want to hear that, but it’s true it really comes down to analysis. Let’s continue:

Website Analysis – Here we analyse the basics of on-page SEO like meta keywords, proper heading utilization and page speed. All which are small, but they can play a  big picture when it comes to successfully ranking higher.

Competitive Analysis – Your competition and the strength of their site and backlinks will give you the best indication of how competitive your niche is and how long it will take to rank. As basic process, we take the top 10 results and run them through Moz‘s Open Site Explorer amongst other tools.

Keyword Selection – You want to target keywords to rank for that people are actually searching for. To do this, go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool and input one phrase and it will generate some similar keywords and their search volume.
Keyword Research

Content Optimization

Creating Effective Page Titles – When it comes to titles, it’s best to use keyword driven titles so that your page is accurately themed.

Optimize Meta Tags – Meta Keywords do not directly influence search engine rankings, however they do give directories some information about your page which can indirectly affect your rankings. When it comes to Meta Description, this is very important as this is the paragraph that Google shows to it’s viewers so will help users understand what your page/site is about.

Submit Sitemaps To Google & Bing – Submitting a sitemap to Bing and Google will assist your website getting indexed faster. You can upload this directly to Google and Bing using Webmaster tools.

Ongoing Testing and Measuring

Test and Measure – It’s important that you always analyze the traffic going to your website so you can determine how successfully it converts prospects into customers. You can also use other such programs to track and monitor your progress online and with your social media.

Maintenance – It is important to focus on making ongoing modifications and additions on a regular basis. This will help you make sure your website’s search engine rankings continue to grow at a rapid speed. Failure to do so can affect your website’s rank drastically, and even cause huge losses in revenue. It is also important to review the links and ensure all of them are relevant to an ever changing business approach. With a well maintained blog, you can easily obtain the necessary structure for adding content which may be beneficial for your business. The hosting company you hire can help you with the setup and installation of the blog.