How To Dominate Local Search With Albany SEO

Things move at a very fast pace in the world of search engine optimization. Just because something worked last year doesn’t mean it’s still working now. In fact, there are things that would have rocketed your site to the top of the search engine results 5 years ago, that would bury your site in a split second, today. That’s why old school SEO can not only be useless, to a website, it can actually do more damage than good.

At HyperTraffic SEO, we offer quality SEO services, producing real results using the most advanced SEO techniques and tools, specifically targeted at Albany, NY. We have the expertise to make your website an authority and a presence that the search engines will actually want on their first page.

2014 is already full of changes. Authority is Google’s key emphasis this year, but not the definition of authority from a few years ago. In today’s online world, authority equals trust plus reputation.

This kind of authority is here to stay, and the reason our results are long-lasting is: we create and strengthen that kind of authority. Authority building is our main focus. That is what leads to good SEO positions.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We oppose over-optimizing anchor texts and massive link building.
  • We would never risk your site’s reputation and position by using unethical search engine¬†optimization techniques that can get it penalized by Google.
  • Our clients’ interests come before ours, and we never make promises we can’t keep. Although we have managed to achieve first position in the SERPs for our many of our clients, we never promise this position.

The results we achieve for you will allow you to dominate the search in your niche in Albany.

Since Google changed its algorithm so dramatically over the past two years, we go with that flow, and are not prone to hanging on to the past. This is what enables us to achieve such success since sticking to old methods would not allow the results. Although using old methods might work for a short while, as soon as Google detects the tactics used, the vessel would sink very quickly, and with very little hope of being recovered. The only way to dominate the online environment today is by building authority. Because we are authority building professionals, choosing us to work with you on your SEO will guarantee you’re on the safe side.

We’d like to offer you a special analysis of your website, free, on the house! To claim yours, call us on (917) 720-6740.

Details on what is included in our SEO services:

On-Page and Off-Page SEO:

We will adapt and optimize your site’s code to make it better for SEO in terms of content and speed. If your hosting is not fast enough to enable your website to load smoothly and quickly, we can give you recommendations.

Dominating Keyword Research:

We will find the most lucrative keywords in your niche, that have low competition and high traffic, to enable you to rand high on the search engines as quickly as possible.

We Offer a full competitive analysis:

We have techniques and tools that we can use in order to discover the marketing, promotion and SEO strategies of your competitors. By building your brand more effectively, you can overtake your competitors in the SERPs.

Monthly Search Engine Optimization Reports:

Our monthly reports keep you updated on your position, and the next steps you need to take in your domination of the SERPs.