How SEO Can Make or Break Your Business

Your customers have an idea what they’re looking for. You know exactly what you have to offer. The key to success is simply making sure you find each other. That’s where SEO comes in.

How SEO Can Help Your BusinessSimply put, SEO—otherwise known as search engine optimization, or search engine marketing—takes the keywords your customers are using to find your type of business places them strategically to make sure your business is among the top listings they see.

It’s simple…but not necessarily easy. Consider a few of the following factors.

Your Competitors are Doing SEO Marketing Too

Competition, especially in a market like New York City, is fierce. That means your NYC SEO has to be especially innovative. You can include the phrase “delicious Chinese food” all you want in the site for your Mandarin Chinese restaurant, but chances are your competitors are doing the exact same thing. To win the game in NYC SEO and beyond, we do our research to make sure that you’re using precisely the most popular (and even unexpected) search terms customers are using, including popular variations.

SEO is an Evolving Business

The methodology Google and others use changes all the time. They’re not fooled by keyword stuffing. Meanwhile, in order to keep their own businesses relevant, they have to make sure their customers continue to find what they’re searching for—ranked highest to lowest according to search parameters. If you don’t have experts like us staying ahead of the latest updates¬—and your competition—you can slip in the all-important rankings fast.

SEO Marketing and ROI

Marketing is all about ROI, or return on investment. You can make the most brilliant case for your business possible, but if it’s not seen by the right people, it won’t make a bit of difference. In other words, you’re wasting your money on ineffective marketing and pricey ad campaigns—the return on your marketing investment will be extremely low.

The trick, then, is to achieve both. When you create a great sales pitch and put it directly in front of a receptive audience, ROI goes through the roof. And what audience is more receptive than the one that’s actively searching for a business like yours? Best of all, there’s nothing gimmicky about it. You’re simply finding the most efficient way to reach the people who are already looking for you, using the search optimization tools that HyperTrafficSEO knows inside and out.