How We Do It

Have you ever glanced at a website and wondered why the copywriter doesn’t seem to know how to string a sentence together? Have you noticed they seem to be using the same words or phrases over and over again…as awkwardly as humanly possible? Still another odd “strategy” you’ll run into from time to time: businesses that just scroll words together across the bottom with no context whatsoever.

SEO StrategyThese business have hired SEO companies that are trying to attract your attention, as well the attention popular search engines, by stuffing keywords into the text as often as possible, with little regard for coherent messaging (or, for that matter, with little regard for your intelligence as a customer). Search engines, meanwhile, have strategies of their own for seeing straight through it and penalize rather than reward companies that use these methods.

It’s not ethical, it’s not effective, and it’s not the kind of SEO strategy you’ll ever get from us.

At reputable SEO companies like HyperTrafficSEO, we know that your business can stand on its own merits. You don’t need backhanded tricks to pull customers to your website only to lose their interest once they get there. Instead, you want proven, bleeding-edge SEO techniques that use your own strengths to your best advantage.

In-House Strategy, Not Outsourced Formulas

One of the things that distinguishes HyperTrafficSEO from other SEO companies is that we create and implement all of our own SEO optimization techniques inside, never outsourcing to third-parties in other countries. That way we are constantly testing and improving upon SEO strategies that work best for our clients. We specialize in creating sustained-long-term rankings using innovative techniques that are consistent with the best practices identified by our industry. And our experience ranking local, national and global sites gives us a competitive edge and knowledge base that’s been put to the test again and again.

These techniques include:

  • Great copywriting: Incorporating the keywords that our research shows are most relevant to your business as well your potential customers in an intelligent, organic context that achieves a solid SEO strategy without ever feeling forced.
  • Effective link building: Creating solid linkage within your site as well as a network of valuable links and backlinks with other reputable, highly trafficked sites that will drive customers back to you.
  • Social networking: Building and improving upon social-network strategies that give your business a solid presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more.
  • Semantic web mark up: Marking up your site using the latest semantic technologies that allow your website to be viewed more effectively by computer, giving you an unprecedented advantage over your competitors.
  • Google algorithm updating: Staying on top of policy and procedural changes within Google and other search engines to make sure the strategies we employ for your business site are bleeding-edge, and your site maintains consistent—and climbing—placement.

Call HyperTrafficSEO today to discuss how our techniques will put your site and your business exactly where you need to be.