What is SEO?

What Is SEO?Don’t feel bad if you’ve heard the terms “SEO,” or “search-engine optimization” 100 times and still find yourself thinking, “Okay, I get it—SEO is important. But what is SEO?”

Chances are, you went into business because you’re a great CPA, lawyer, jewelry designer, or whatever you do best—not because you have a geeky obsession with SEO tips and SEO strategy.

So what is SEO? In a nutshell, it’s how high up your company appears in search engines when potential customers look for what you’re selling. If they type in “good defense attorneys,” do you appear on the first page of results, or are you buried so far down the customer has chosen one of your competitors before ever glimpsing your name? That’s it—you get it. The higher you appear on the results list, the more traffic you get, fundamentally, the more business you get.

We are an SEO company, New York-based that works to improve your visibility in a number of ways, including:

On-Page Analysis

This is about taking the message you want to convey on your site and maximizing it for SEO (or SEO, New-York-focused if your customer base is in the city). That means identifying your main keywords—the words and phrases that best describe your business matched with the words and phrases your customers are most likely to search for—and placing them strategically in the text. It is not “keyword stuffing,” which is a sure way to insult the intelligence of potential customers while alerting major search engines that you’re not playing fair. (And yes, they will penalize you for that.) We also use our on-page analysis skills to make sure links between pages are set up for maximum efficacy.

Off-Page Analysis

Generally speaking, this relates to the external sites that link back to yours. To begin with, you need other sites linked to yours—it’s a free publicity boost in more ways than one—but you want to go about it the right way. Are the sites relevant to what you do? Do they have effective SEO of their own?

So when you want to know, “What is SEO?”, you’ll see the principles are fairly simple. Implementation, however, can be tricky. So just give us a call, and you can focus on your business while our team uses its SEO knowledge and experience to put the best SEO strategies to work for you.